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Seeking investors/shareholders.


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Key Topics


... if you are prepared for everything.

WATERFRUITS is NOT a simple raceway based closed loop system. The efficiency are the many, many details. From construction to production.




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What are the limits?

In general, all species, living in water with not the need of deep-sea water pressure can be breed and reared in this aquaculture system with specific adjustments and feed.



Aquaculture 4.0

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Hands Off!

Fully controlled. Automatic feeding, redundancies,  medical supervision, delivery on demand in phases of still progressive weight gain.




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Strength = Variability

The basic system is suitable for various round fish in fresh and sea water. With appropriate parameterization and size adjustment, as well as adaptation of the raceways, further animals like flatfish and crustaceans as well as bypass algae and mussels, can also be integrated into the system and processed by the system.



Return of Investment

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High investments - high returns

We are partner and investor-seeking in the fields of the main unit (CPU) in Bavaria as well as for global production units of different sizes.

Plans of investments and returns are made for several regions in the world with several species, including shrimp. The higher the total investment, the higher benefits from the supply chain.


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  • Profit-optimized recirculating aquaculture.
  • sustainable and safe
  • Breeding, raising, slaughtering, processing and distribution of animals living in water - fish, crabs, mussels.
  • Closed-loop systems (patents: rearing, purification, sorting).
  • complete system control
  • High to very high production volumes (from minimum 800 mT/year (smaller fresh, local markets) to 1,000,000 m T (e.g. Tilapia, India, UAE , China, USA), per complete production and processing unit.



Products, water and environment.

The Waterfruits aquaculture system operates with a natural and purifying process, developed and patented by Krautwedel. The drainage water is used in the cycle and is pumped to the animals after purification and oxygenation.


The animals are free from stress and medical treatment.



100% Clean

Complete production cycle

The frequently occurring problem that the use of a resource simultaneously involves the disproportionate consumption of this resource, the pollution of the environment and / or a disproportionate amount of electricity or material requirements is accepted.

Population development, climate change, the supply of drinking water and the modification of marine ecosystems are mandatory indicators for the development of resource-conserving self-sufficient systems.


Waterfruits farms and systems are based on the sustainable, agricultural management of water and soil resources.


The complete water purification in the system by the patented ecological filter process prevents a fresh water requirement, which is necessary with similar systems. The consistently best water quality and the equalization of germs mean that drug delivery is not required in the production of animal feed.

The animals grow stress-free.

Heavy metals, unwanted hormones, antibiotics ... - Food hazardous substances are common in both wild catches and aquacultures, regardless of the different qualities resulting from fattening, stress and improper handling and the resulting viral and bacterial pathogens as well as invertebrate parasites.


There are several possibilities for cooperation with regional enterprises, e.g. In the field of suppliers, controlled feed production, supplements for ready-to-serve meals, or waterfruits-driven farming. Advantage in the partner system is the possibility of full employment in the network, without seasonal work as well as guaranteed reductions at reasonable prices, but also compliance with the requirements, e. g. with regard to the biological and ecological cultivation of fodder plants.

The use, not the consumption of natural resources, is becoming more and more important.

Principles for quality.

WATERFRUITS - the effective aquaculture solution for the production of live animals in water, will take effect on the world‘s resource-saving production of food. Self-sufficient systems without additional fresh water requirements (except for initial filling and evaporation losses).