The popular phrase of bilateral relations, to demonstrate that both sides have benefits from commercial transactions - a necessary entry-level argument in multilateral networking.





Doing business in Germany



All directions?

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Trade and Business support

We are responsible for our region within the World Trade Centers Association. One of the guiding principles was and is the increased involvement of companies, including smaller ones, from developing countries into world trade. A community task which initially represents a qualitative export imbalance. We support the exchange of goods in all directions.

Business Club Membership

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Become member of your World Trade Center.

Regular membership in the World Trade Center Hamburg or Kiel Club is possible in cases of:

  • No World Trade Center in your region.
  • No World Trade Center Business Club in your region.
  • Branch office or subsidiary in Hamburg.
  • Double membership.
  • Private membership.





Project Hamburg

A World Trade Center building should be more than a agglomeration of facilities. It is an active facilitator of business opportunities.



A few topics

With a total population of almost 5 million, the Port of Hamburg, numerous consulates and an excellent infrastructure, the metropolitan region is "the gateway to the world" in Germany. Vice versa, Hamburg is an ideal starting point for the realization of commercial transactions in Germany. Trade information, cooperation, interest in the establishment of branch offices or  subsidiaries - World Trade Center Hamburg is helping.

World Trade Center Hamburg

 Kiel, the capital of the state of Schleswig-Holstein, is located only 60 miles or an hour by car  from Hamburg. Schleswig-Holstein is located mainly between the North Sea and the Baltic Sea. The North-Sea-Baltic-Sea canal or "Kiel canal" is one of the most frequented built waterways in the world. Numerous companies are located in the region. Specialists and global players. The World Trade Center Kiel, in cooperation with the World Trade Center Hamburg, also assumes the task of networking with the Baltic Sea countries.

World Trade Center Kiel

World Trade Centers Hamburg and Kiel

The World Trade Centers Hamburg and Kiel are regular members of the World Trade Centers Association. We are representing exclusively our business regions within our organization.

Business development worldwide.




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As members of the World Trade Centers Association, World Trade Centers Hamburg and Kiel are responsible, within the network, for the economic area, the metropolitan region of Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein with its capital Kiel.


All substantive and functional areas are defined by the World Trade Centers Association and regional interpreted by World Trade Centers Hamburg and Kiel.


World Trade Center Hamburg and World Trade Center Kiel have the same operational departments.

Members of World Trade Center Business Clubs can employ our services, free and/or exclusive, in any case preferred.

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