From the city-planning analysis for a large project, the planning and description in the application for investment and / or subsidies, in the participation of major structural influences ...

We plan and realize almost every project - with all the desired efforts and expenses.

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Planning saves material, time and costs.

Sizes and Locations

Depending on complexity and the idea/planning/construction stage of the project and of the grade of requested performances.



No sketches on the construction site. No obstructions on the construction site. The cranes have to turn.


All performances.


 Comprising performance.

  • Land analysis and economic analyzes
  • New projects
  • Conversions
  • Object updates
  • Investment and sponsorship competitions
  • Urban development
  • Landscaping


Functional space vs. experience? - Spaces for the ONE individual?

Location, time and the consideration of a changing need are important to us in all areas.

Location Location, Location

There is a suitable user for each area. Location criteria apply not only to locations and micro locations. They also apply to objects. The right mix of types of use, the tenant mix, qualitatively and quantitatively, is crucial for a stable and lasting full marketing. Just like the passive contribution of the object one can contribute to the prospering development of its users, the well - being of its employees and the general and specific communication. Every form of a rational and economically oriented, active contributory value.

Storytelling is one of the tasks in the implementation of the interests of our clients. Prerequisites: The stories must be true, acceptable, general and implementable.



Turnkey ready.

  • Cost minimization through transparency
  • Minimization of disturbances
  • no hidden costs
  • No surprises
  • No delays
  • Clear and clean work-flows
  • No additions
  • No deficiencies


Demographic developments, changing mobility behavior, the position and functional relationships between living and working, technology and communication .... -

Krautwedel Group takes into account the variability of current trends. Real estate = long term planning.


  • Early participation
  • Comprehensive analyzes
  • Feasibility studies
  • Marketing concept
  • Communication and media concept
  • Content
  • Acquisitions and support