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Trade Education

Doing business in Germany.

Within the scope of our activities as World Trade Centers Hamburg and Kiel, we  promote participation in world trade. In addition to the provision of necessary information, the element of communication is the most important tool for creating and taking opportunities.

Ingame Screenshots

EKKY the Penguin - recent project

Mega markets.

Krautwedel Group will develop products and brands in the educational sector and on the game sector.

Commercial projects

Non profit projects are implemented by us either within the framework of the World Trade Center or serve as a precursor of  commercial products.

Non profit projects

Project: EKKY

The task was to use a basic 3D game engine, to define characters and to organize their interactions in a context, free of violence. The control is easy to use, yet still part of the mouse / keyboard exercises without disturbing the game flow. For parents, the game is explained completely by videos.

"Ekky the penguin and his journey to the mountain of knowledge" was a first experimental project of creating worlds to be experienced without stress and social isolation but with fun and curiosity.

Game development



Type: 3D Realtime

Genre: Educational Adventure

Age:  3+

Levels: 10

Playing abilities: very young, young, grown up

Level Area: 10 x 17 sqmiles

Abilities: swim, dive, jump, walk, run

Playable Characters: 1

Lives: 1 (no failure, unlimited time)



Multiple Choice Test (Level 10)



Ingame: Knowledge Cards, Sounds, Characters and species.

Helpful friends.