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Independence - Security - Sustainability

Powerful structures and developments

Use of resources that would otherwise remain unused. No impairment of sensitive natural systems. Installations for regions without net connection.



The indirect use of photovoltaic systems is used where the location does not allow a more suitable alternative. The direct use and improvement of solar systems, for local use, is a field with a lot of potential.


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... Standstill is failure

Material fatigue, production costs, excess weight,  starting number, transmission, transport ... We design new with an old technique.



More opportunities

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The possibilities of generating energy with water in the respective environment (flow types, land masses, temperature differences) are by no means exhausted.


Direct vs. Indirect use

Existing components vs. new developments

Basic innovations will be mainly to be developed in the fields of materials, manufacture, local adaptation and mechanics. The systems must be designed for continuous operation, long maintenance intervals and an operating period beyond the depreciation periods.


Mass storage

On accumulators, except for the device-specific start-up supply / commissioning is dispensed with. Higher water reservoirs are filled with power surpluses. In the case of non-existent or vulnerable public networks, the operation of the respective local facilities is ensured. The disadvantageous energy balance is acceptable.

Feed-in or ...

In the case of renewable raw materials, combustion should also be dispensed with.



Emergency power - not for heating

Efficient procurement

Krautwedel Group deals, on our own needs, with the production of electricity on site. The requirements must be adapted both, technically and locally. No system will be constructed identically. The components are unified in a wide scope.

Interference-free use

Independent systems with a redundant design and a mass storage system that ensures the necessary basic supply not only in the event of breakdowns, peak loads and changes in the weather. Feeding and removal into / from the network is striven but not necessary.

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